Some politicians want to use Brexit as an excuse to cut taxes, cut food standards and cut workers' rights. 

Boris Johnson has claimed Brexit means "simplifying regulation and cutting taxes wherever we can."

Dominic Raab has said we should slash Corporation Tax to 10%.

Priti Patel has said we should cut workers rights in half.

Owen Paterson has said we should become a 'low-tax, low-spend, low-regulation' country.

British people voted in 2016 for all sorts of reasons but most did not want this. 

Conservative MP, Sam Gyimah has accused his Conservative colleagues of "hijacking the referendum result" to push their own agenda "to create tax-haven Britain."


If you're angry about the Brexit hijack, sign the petition below - 


[REFERENCE: 15 times MPs have said Brexit is about slashing taxes and rights]

To politicians in Westminster:

I do not support the Brexit hijack: the plan to use Brexit as an excuse to cut taxes, cut food standards and to cut workers rights.

This was not the will of the people in 2016, whichever way anyone voted. 

And it is certainly not the will of the people today.

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  • Paul Blackwell
    signed 2019-03-13 14:03:37 +0000
    I believe we should IMPROVE not cut food standards and workers’ rights. I believe we should preserve Human Rights and Environmental protection. Bollocks to Brexit!
  • Mark Saunders
    signed 2019-03-06 17:18:41 +0000
    Mark Saunders
  • Christian Schudoma
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  • Rob Davidson
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  • Rob Davidson
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